- A taste of a Cinque Terre dry white wine and a tasting of Cinque Terre sciacchetrà.

2 - A tasting of two Cinque Terre dry white wine made by two different producers (one from the Cinque Terre wine cooperative and one made by a small independent producer) as well as a taste of Cinque Terre sciacchetrà.

3 - With this tasting you may have from 3 to 6 tastings of wine made by local independent artisanal producers (Walter De Battè, Luciano Capellini; Forlini Cappellini, Buranco, Bonanni Fellegara, Pasini Molinari).

4 - This tasting is for dessert wine aficionados. Here we compare sciacchetrà wines made by three producers (the Cinque Terre wine cooperative, a mass producers and a small artisanal winemaker).

5 - A comparison of white wines (Colli di Luni, Cinque Terre, and Colline di Levanto) and the red wines (Colli di Luni and Colline di Levanto- the Cinque Terre D.O.C. regulation does not include red wines) made in the three D.O.C. areas of the province of La Spezia.

6 - A comparison of 5 different red wines... The Italian region of Liguria is known primarily for white wines but very interesting red wines are created not only in the province of La Spezia but also in western Liguria.

All of our tastings are accompanied by olives, salty snacks or cantucci biscotti for the Sciacchetrà dessert wine. The various combinations may be modified upon request.